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PT Arindo baja cipta

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PT Arindo baja cipta(Banten, Indonesia)

PT Arindo Baja Cipta is a company engaged in the field of bendrat wire manufacturing or also known as concrete wire, bonded wire commonly used as industrial needs. Related to market needs regarding bendrat wire products, we are motivated to be present to help meet all the needs of bendrat wire. From this motivation in 2000, PT Arindo Baja Cipta was born to this day.

From our 19 years of experience, we have experience and knowledge about the distribution and production of bendrat wire or concrete wire products. Our factory is domiciled in one of the wrong Tagerang areas on Jl. Industri raya IV blok AE8, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. We are committed to always innovating to achieve a leading and trusted position with a focus on customer satisfaction as an important factor to achieve our goals.

The added value for purchasing bendrat wire at PT Arindo Baja Cipta is that the price is cheaper than the current market price, the more you need for our products, the price that will be obtained will certainly be cheaper. We are ready to accept orders with many projects or needs, all of which we provide alone or as a bendrat wire factory.

Menjadi Perusahaan Yang Solid Dan Terpercaya Dibidang Kebutuhan Industri Khusus Kawat Bendrat

Selalu Berusaha, Untuk Mencapai Pabrik Terbesar Dan Dapat Dipercaya, Dengan Orientasi Yang Konsisten Terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan

Jl. Industri raya IV blok AE8 Tangerang
Banten , Indonesia

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